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Competitive Diamond drill rates with Maximum Diamond Drilling Production.

Focused on "Value" as a first choice Diamond Drill Company.

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Diamond Drill Jobs

SCS Diamond Drilling maintains leading industry Safety programs, achievements and awareness within our diamond drilling operations

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Our diamond drill assets and staff are all about;

Maximum Drill Production
Maximum Drilling Value
Maximum Drill Safety

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We are committed to drilling the words "Best Value" into the SCS Diamond Drilling name. Every Diamond Drill Service is an opportunity for us to Deliver on that promise.

SCS Drilling is a diamond drilling company that holds its core assets in providing best value and best service for today’s diamond drilling jobs. Using industry leading diamond drills, drilling equipment, diamond drillers, and management we achieve maximum core drilling production at very competitive rates. We accomplish and maintain industry leading diamond drill safety awareness programs and achievements within all levels of our drilling company. We are dedicated to drilling the term "Best Value" into the name SCS Drilling. Our focus on Value in Diamond Drilling allows our Clients to return to us as their first choice in the drilling industry.

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